Vauxhall security code reading / security pass Security code / security pass
We can read the security code from most Vauxhall models, usually offering a same day service. You will need this security code to program keys or modules on your vehicle.

  DPF removal
Vauxhall diesel particulate filter removal for all models. Vauxhall DPF filter problems, why not delete the DPF from your vehicle. Why waste money on wasted fuel by trying to regenerate your dpf.

Secondhand Corsa C, Combo, Meriva body control modules / BCM in stock
Corsa C BCM - body control module 24467903 XB
GM 24 467 903 XB
Siemens 313203739
5WK4 8664
Common failures with these modules are indicators not working, indicators staying on, engine not starting, central locking not working, to name but a few.
Call us now, we can supply you with a module which is plug and play ready to go no programming needed.

  Second-hand Corsa C, Combo van, Meriva body control modules in stock
Corsa C BCM - body control module 24 467 905 XD
GM 24467905 XD
Siemens 313203739
5WK4 8664d

Most other part number units in stock please call with your requirements.

Corsa body control module BCM GM 3305 18684 YF Second-hand Corsa C body control modules in stock
Corsa C BCM - body control module 13 111 111
GM 3305 18684 YF
Siemens VDO
5WK4 8664d

  Second-hand Corsa C body control modules in stock
Corsa C BCM - body control module 13 236 032 FG
GM 13236032 FG
Siemens VDO
5WK4 8664F

  Used BCM programmed ready to run on your vehicle or virginised ready for Tech2 programming.

GM 13247087 BD
Siemens VDO
5WK4 8662g

  All modules can be plug and play or re-set ready to program.
GM 09115097
Siemens VDO
5WK4 8664


Astra / Zafira BCM body control module. We can clone plug and play ready to run or re-set all of this style body control modules.We can also retrieve the security code from these modules all part numbers. Please call with your requirements.
GM 13584578

  Combo van speed limiter removal - Corsa speed restriction removal service.  

GM 55352666 Siemens 5WK 1740 Engine ECU

GM 55 352 666 Siemens 5WK91740
Vauxhall Astra, Vectra, Zafira ECU. To fit engine code Z18XE.
We have these ecu's in stock Tech 2 cleared ready to program to your vehicle. We can program this ecu to your vehicle if needed. GM 55352666 5WK91740

GM 55 352 666  5WK91740 Z18XE engine ECU Astra - Vectra - Zafira

  Vauxhall key programming
We can program keys to all models using the very latest genuine GM Tech2 equipment.
Vauxhall key programming / key coding

Rear fuse box / central electric module / CEM decoding and programming Vauxhall rear fusebox / rear electrical centre / REC - Decoding, re-coding
We can decode second hand Vauxhall fuse boxes so that they can be re-programmed to your vehicle using GM Tech 2
We can also clone the information from your old fusebox into a replacement one so that it does not need programming, just plug and play.

  Cim Module - Column integrated module - Astra / Vectra CIM programming
We are able to program new cim modules using the very latest GM Tech 2. Alternatively we can clone the info from your old cim into a second hand module so that it doesn't need programming. Just straight plug and play. Astra CIM, Vectra CIM, Insignia Cim. GM 13276158 / GM 93181313
Vauxhall CIM programming / coing

GM body control module - BCM programming and decoding Body control module - BCM
Has your body control module leaked water and now you have a damaged BCM.
We can offer a complete Programming, decoding and cloning service for most body control modules. We can read the pin code / security code from most BCM's We can also virginise these modules ready for programming, or clone the info from your old module so that it is ready for fitting.

  Under Hood Electrical Centre
We can program, virginise and clone these UEC / under hood electrical centres. We can clone these units so they are plug and play needing no programming to work on your vehicle.
Uder hood electrical centre - UEC

Astra, corsa, combo diesel EDU repairs Vauxhall diesel EDU / ECU Repairs
Astra (Y17DT and Y17DTL)
Combo (Y17DT and Y17DTL)
Corsa (Y17DT and Y17DTL)
Is your vehicle suffering from non starting when cold / hot. Starting then suddenly cutting out or just not starting at all
. We may be able to repair your old unit.

  Vauxhall immo box - Astra / Corsa / Vectra / Combo
We can decode / recode all of this type of immo boxes. We can virginise a second hand unit so that it can be re-coded to your vehicle. Alternatively we can clone the info from your immo pickup into a new or second hand unit so that it does not need programming. We can also read the security code from your immo box.
Vauxhall immo code reading - cloning

Vauxhall speedo repairs - dashboard repairs Vauxhall speedo repairs / dashboard repairs / instrument cluster repairs
Is your Vauxhall speedo not working or gauges not functioning correctly. We can repair most models. We can also decode a second hand speedo so that it can be re-coded into your vehicle. Alternatively we can clone the info from your old speedo into a replacement one so that it does not need programming.

  ECU programming / decoding
We can program ECU's to all model in the vauxhall range. We can also clear down all ECU's ready for programming with Tech 2.

Antara BCM body control module.

Vauxhall Antara BCM cloning service. We can clone your old module to a new or used module ready to run. All data including immo and car configuration will be coppied over to the replacement unit ready to run.
Part numbers 95151084 / 25826125 Please call if you have a different part number.

  Ford Ranger body control module repair / reset service. Do you have a Ford Ranger with no dip beam or other lights not working. The common fault codes U1000 (solid state driver protection activated - driver disabled) and U2000 (Control module ) are usually present when this problem occurs. We can repair this fault and leave your BCM plug and play ready to run.
Ford part number DB39-14A073-DE Other part number versions also done.

Ford Ranger BCM 

Volvo CEM cloning, programming service. We can transfer the immo and configuration data from you old fusebox to a replacement module whether it's new or secondhand.

BMW CAS4 Programming. We can clone all BMW CAS 4 modules or just read the D Flash or the P Flash and send you the files to make keys from. We will not lift any pins or remove any components to do this work. We can also correct the mileage in your cas module for you if this is what you need. Please call for more details.

BMW CAS4 reading, cloning and programming service.

  If you can't see the service you are looking for please call us to ask as we may be able to help you. The above is just a sample of the services we offer. We can infact clone and program most ecu's and modules for all models.  

Telephone: 07774 268 070


CIM / Steering column intergrated module - UEC / Under Hood Electrical centre - BCM / Body Control module, BMW CAS4 reading and cloning. REC / Rear Electrical Centre - DDM / Drivers Door Module - PDM / Passenger Door module - IPC / Instrument Panel Cluster
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